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Hybrid ultra precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products

Keywords: Microrobotics, Self-assembly, Microassembly
Research area: Micro- and Nanorobotics

The aim of the project is to develop a new versatile 3D automated production system with a positioning accuracy of 100 nm for complex micro-devices. Based on ultra precision robots improved by the innovative knowledge-based self-assembly technology, this combination will participate in the massive production of high-added value strategic and emerging micro-products.

Hybrid Handling Platform

Tasks at TKK:

  • Development of a hybrid microassembly process combining microgripper and droplet self-alignment
  • Development of new gripping technologies based on droplet self-alignment and electrowetting
  • Study of temperature and humidity influences on the new technologies
  • Automation of the new processes and demonstrations in inspection of optoelectronics

Hydromel is funded by EU under FP6. The project includes over 20 research partners from 9 different countries.



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