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FieldRobot 2016 - Agronaut

Robot Agronaut will take part in Field Robot Event 2016 in Hassfurt, Germany, June 2016.

Team members

The team consists of nine students, some of which are studying Automation and Systems Technology (AS), Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Computer Science (CS) at Aalto University and students studying Agrotechnology at Helsinki University (AG). The team also includes four instructors.

  • Miika Ihonen (AS, captain)
  • Mikko Ronkainen (AS)
  • Robert Wahlström (AS)
  • Aleksi Turunen (ME)
  • Ali Rabiei (ME)
  • Robin Lönnqvist (ME)
  • Jori Lahti (AG)
  • Aatu Heikkinen (AG)
  • Mikko Perttunen (CS)

The instructors: Timo Oksanen (AS, AG & CS), Teemu Koitto (ME), Mikko Hakojärvi (AG), Jaakko Laine (AS) and Jari Kostamo (ME).

From top left: Ali Rabiei, Mikko Perttunen, Aatu Heikkinen, Aleksi Turunen, bottom left: Mikko Ronkainen, Miika Ihonen (captain), Robin Lönnqvist, Jori Lahti. Robert Wahlström and the instructors are not in the photo.

Final report

Final Report pdf


Building of the robot and participation to the competition in Slovenia was possible thanks to our sponsors:

AGCO (Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra Tractors & Farm Equipment), Laserle Oy, Koneviesti, SICK, Henry Fordin säätiö, Maatalouskoneiden tutkimussäätiö; and Aalto University and University of Helsinki