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FieldRobot 2013 - DoubleTrouble

Robot DoubleTrouble took part in Field Robot Event 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic, end of June 2013.

The robot was 7th in overall competition (19 participants). The team won the freestyle task, with a direct seeding system mounted as a middle module between front and rear section of the robot chassis.


Team members

The team consists of nine students, some of which are studying Automation and Systems Technology (AS) or Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Aalto University and one student is studying Agrotechnology at Helsinki University (HY). The team also includes three instructors - one from each of the aforementioned schools.

  • Pyry Piirainen (AS, captain)
  • Tommi Forsman (AS, co-captain)
  • Bjarne Boström (AS)
  • Jerri Rantio (AS)
  • Heikki Järvi (ME)
  • Tommi Rautio (ME)
  • Inder Sehra (ME)
  • Tino Tuominen (ME)
  • Severi Savukoski (HY)

The instructors: Timo Oksanen (AS), Jari Kostamo (ME), Matti Pastell (HY)

Final report

DoubleTrouble_FinalReport.pdf pdf

The competition

The rank in overall competition was 7th (of 19 teams). More photos and videos from the competition will follow soon.

Task 1

The robot was never tested in a curved field, so the behaviour in row navigation was a question... The penalty points from each manual intervention and destroyed plant resulted 7th rank in this task.


Task 2

Task 3


In Freestyle task, the DoubleTrouble team demonstrated two things: a) split frame of the robot that allows application modules to be mounted in the middle of the robot, by extending the wheelbase b) the application module that is able to do no-tillage seeding. The application module is has it's own control system and it communicates with the robot by using extended ISOBUS protocol messages. Mounting the middle module requires only up to four bolts and ISOBUS (CAN) cable connection. The no-tillage seeder drills holes to both sides (75cm apart) and places seeds to the holes. In the competition, 6mm airsoft gun balls were used to demonstrate seeding.



In front: Tommi Rautio, Bjarne Boström, Tino Tuominen, Pyry Piirainen (c), Heikki Järvi, Tommi Forsman, Severi Savukoski

In back: Matti Pastell, Jari Kostamo, Inder Sehra, Jerri Rantio, Timo Oksanen


Building of the robot and participation to the competition in Prague was possible thanks to our sponsors:

AGCO (Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra Tractors & Farm Equipment), Laserle Oy, Murata Electronics Oy, Koneviesti, Suonentieto, HP Infotech, SICK, Henry Fordin säätiö, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Maatalouskoneiden tutkimussäätiö; and Aalto University and University of Helsinki

Full resolution photos for media

Photo 1 Team Photo

Photo 2 Task 1

Photo 3 Task 1

Photo 4 Task 1

Photo 5 Task 2

Photo 6 Task 2

Photo 7 Task 3

Photo 8 Freestyle

Photo 9 Freestyle

Photo 10 Freestyle