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EasyWheels 2010

EasyWheels2010 took part in Field Robot Event 2010. The chassis is pretty much the same as in previous year, but the software is completely new and done in another way. Also the electric system has been improved and the electronics is refurbished.


"Learning a better way in order to educate it" was the original motivation to start reprogramming the whole software. WindowsCE based platforms used in the robot were generally considered ok, but C++ programming for those required too much work. Some links in the chain of proper tools were missing and the goal was to find them. We wanted to prove ourselves that the tool chain is good enough; and we did that during summer 2009. Not much was lacking in order to drive autonomously between rows (the basic task), and after teaching the basic skills for the next student team, we decided to use some free time to complete the exercise. Is there any chance to be competitive without laser scanner?

A co-operative robot

The robot participated with Helios robot to a "co-operative challenge" task, which was a separate task from overall competition. With EasyWheels2010 and Helios demonstrated two robot corn harvesting, where Helios was a "harvester" and EasyWheels was a "transporter". The objective for co-operative demonstration were higher than what it was in the competition due to technical problems. In the demonstration EasyWheels2010 autonomously followed Helios in constant distance, between maize rows, and Helios blowed matter with it's fancy "corn shooter" to a hopper attached on top of EasyWheels2010. The jury liked the demo, as EasyWheels2010 and Helios took a victory in this task.


Read the details from the Final Report pdf

Team members

Timo Oksanen and Jari Kostamo