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Field Robot Event 2009

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EasyWheels robot took part into Field Robot Event 2009 in Wageningen. It performed fairly well, the result was in 2nd place in overall competition and 2nd place in freestyle. As a freestyle the team demonstrated quick changing of axel module in a pitstop.

EasyWheels 2010 took part in Field Robot Event 2010, with a completely new software and refurbished electronics.

Team members

The team consists of students from two universities at Helsinki area. The team has six members from Helsinki University of Technology, of whom three are studying Automation and Systems Technology (TKK/AS), and three Mechanical Engineering (TKK/K). The team has also two students from University of Helsinki (UH), Department of Agrotechnology.

Students Instructors
Teemu Kemppainen, captain (TKK/AS) Timo Oksanen (TKK/AS)
Teemu Koski (TKK/AS) Jari Kostamo (TKK/K)
Jaakko Hirvelä (TKK/AS) Petro Tamminen (UH)
Johan Lillhannus (TKK/K)
Tomi Turunen (TKK/K)
Jussi Lehto (TKK/K)
Ville Koivisto (UH)
Marko Niskanen (UH)

from left: Timo Oksanen, Petro Tamminen, Jari Kostamo, Jaakko Hirvelä, Teemu Kemppainen (captain), Johan Lillhannus, Teemu Koski, Tomi Turunen, Marko Niskanen, Ville Koivisto

The robot (EasyWheels)

Some facts:

  • 4 wheels, 210x60mm
  • 4 wheel electric drive
  • 4 wheel steering
  • modular structure
  • two way driving (like three earlier robots...)
  • turning webcam at top for navigation and another for dandelion detection
  • 4 ultrasonic + 4 infrared distance sensors for navigation
  • 3D magnetometer + inclinometer for heading estimation
  • custom built, CNC manufactured chassis
  • advanced suspension system
  • embedded computing with three networked Windows CE platforms (x86 @ 500 MHz + 2x XScale @ 806MHz)
  • 1 ATmega128 microcontrollers for I/O, 2 ATmega128 in axel modules for motor control
  • remote user interface with laptop

The details of the robot are described in final report EasyWheels_finalreport.pdf pdf

ReD (Remote Destroyer)

We have also another robot!

This robot is build by Ville Koivisto and Marko Niskanen (and advisor Petro Tamminen) at University of Helsinki / Dept. of Agrotechnology.

This robot was going to take part into competition for Task 1 and for freestyle. In freestyle task both robots work together. Unfortunately just before the competition start the electronics of this robot burned and it couldn't make into the competition at all.

Some facts:

  • standard Tamiya TXT-1 chassis
  • 4 wheel steering
  • two ultrasonic rangers
  • 2D compass
  • standard RC-servos
  • ATmega128 microcontroller
  • CMUcam3 embedded camera
  • mechanical weed destroyer


Building of the robot(s) and participation to the competition in Netherlands was possible thanks to our sponsors:

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