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Field Robot Event

Field Robot Event (2003-) is the only open-air agricultural field robot contest in the world. The competition was first organized four times in Wageningen University in Netherlands. The Event has been organized three times in Germany (2006 Hohenheim, 2008 Osnabruck, 2010 Braunschweig). The other locations have been Herning, Denmark (2011), Venlo, the Netherlands (2012), Prague, Czech Republic (2013) and Bernburg, Germany (2014). The contest allows almost unlimited creativity: no restrictions apply to the robot design and construction. The robots usually compete in a corn field where the robots have to navigate between corn rows, make turnings, do measurement and do actions in several tasks. Most of the robots are built by university students.

The first Finnish team was collected in autumn 2004 from students at TKK, Automation Technology and University of Helsinki, Agrotechnology. They worked for the whole semester and attended the competition in June 2005. With the similar concept, the Finnish team has now attended six times to the Field Robot Event. Year 2008 was the most successful, Mean Maize Maze Machine was a winning team in all tasks and in overall competition. Cornivore won the competition in Denmark in 2011.

The Finnish field robots have been:


"Within this project I learned more than in all my studies in two years" - a member of 2006 team

"I really should have done analog and digital control courses better, now I know that those theories are needed in real life" - a member of 2006 team

"A lot of work, but definitely this was the best course yet, and I've suggested to my friends." - a member of 2009 team

"This course was my recommendation for my next job" - a member of 2010 team

"Wanna be a professional in Matlab and Simulink? After this project you can say so!" - a member of 2010 team

"Have you ever wanted to conduct a real automation project?" - a member of 2010 team

"For once there was a chance to design and realize something from the very beginning in this university. You just cannot learn things by reading books or listening lectures!" - a member of 2010 team

"It feels like all the courses I've taken before were just a preparation for the Field Robot Project. This was the culmination of my studies." - a member of 2012 team

"This course exposes you to the complexity, uncertainty and creative possibilities of the real world in a way that narrowly defined course exercises never can." - a member of 2013 team

"Probably the best course/project of robotics in Aalto University" - a member of 2013 team

"The most intense learning experience of my studies. There is no other project or course that teaches you as much as this one" - a member of 2014 team


Timo Oksanen