Main contents


Integrated automation for tractors and implements (2006-2008)




  • automation has been important part of products in traditional industry
  • automation can improve the quality and usability and increase productivity
  • electronics has been applied to agricultural machines, but there is still more potential
  • the control systems of tractor and implements are usually separate
  • ISOBUS compatible products will appear
  • Agrix-project


The main goal is to clarify challenges to make integrated control over tractor and implements and develope methods that make it possible. With integration of tractor-implement system drivers work becomes easier, accuracy and quality improves, work becomes more efficient and safery improves. Open communication standard and the methods to be developed improve the friendliness to the environment and increases the possibilities to traceablility.

Research topics

  • machine vision applications in field
  • integrated autopilot for tractor and implement
  • high level software development tools for embedded control
  • good practices to maintain softwares
  • functional integration of tractor and implement
  • tractor resources commanded from ISOBUS
  • possibilities of implement-controls-tractor concept
  • ISOBUS task controller
  • user interfaces, usability and safety
  • general controller for working depth
  • electric feeder for seed drill
  • automatic calibration
  • using positioning information in input control
  • intelligent functions for front and rear hitch
  • ISOBUS in road making and maintenance machines
  • intelligent control of tractor based road maintenance machine


Project head professor Arto Visala


Project manager Timo Oksanen