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Telematics for Trucks and Gravel Silos

This equipment is built for exercise purposes. The students implement a remote monitoring and controlling solution of a fleet (though we have only one truck at the moment). This consists of the actual data transfer (from web server to M2M modules), business logic and user interface (usually a web page).

The equipment consists of two main parts

  1. Radio controlled miniature truck
  2. Miniature gravel silos


A Radio Controlled truck which is equipped with different sensors and M2M-module for remote monitoring of the truck. The basic idea is that the M2M module reads data from the sensors and then uploads this data to a web server using a GPRS connection. Currently there are following sensors attached:

  • Temperature sensor for monitoring engine temperature
  • Optical sensor for monitoring the speed and travelled distance (acts as an incremental encoder; detects revolutions of the cardan shaft)
  • Voltage sensor for monitoring remaining voltage of the main battery
  • Current sensor for monitoring power consumption
  • Resistance sensor for monitoring the weight of the load

The truck has also a small liquid crystal display which locally shows the current value of the sensors. In addition short messages can be written to the LCD (for the "driver") via M2M module (and thus via web server).


Homemade gravel silos for loading the RC truck. The silos have couple of sensors and an M2M module for remote monitoring and controlling of the silos. The sensors consists of one optical detector (which monitors if there is a truck underneath the silo) and one ultrasonic sensor (which monitors the amount of gravel in the silo). There is a helical conveyor for moving just the right amount of gravel from silo to truck.

The sensors are read by the M2M module and the data is sent to a web server using GPRS. The helical conveyor is also controlled by the M2M module through commands from the web server.