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Information and Computer Systems in Automation Facilities

Assembly Line

A modular assembly line with four manual workstations. Cyclical pallet flow is controlled via interbus and supervised through an operating station. Course assignment platform in the course AS-116.1100.

Water Process

A miniature batch process system of three tanks and instrumentation for demonstration, research and education of new automation technologies.

Mini Excavator

A small excavator serves as a platform for mobile work machine software development research and teaching. The machine has been instrumented to enable various operator assisting functions controlling the boom, arm and bucket motions.

Moving Robot Autt-1

A small mobile robot for education of real-time application development using modern CASE tools. Course assignment platform in AS-116.2120.

Telematics for Trucks and Gravel Silos

Gravel silos and a mini hauler truck are equipped with M2M modules to enable various remote monitoring and management scenarios. Extended Product course assignment platform AS-116.3190.


A modular framework for course management and automatic exercises assessment. System is in use on several programming courses on different languages.

Coffee, Remotely

A coffee machine instrumented for automatic cooking of a potful of delicious coffee. Usable through a user panel, instant messages and a web interface. A result of the Project Work course AS-116.3130.

Point of Sales Application

Barcode and database application for keeping track of staff's snack bar inventory and purchases. A result of the Project Work course AS-116.3130.

Sensor Board

Several widely used industrial automation sensors have been installed on a board for easy access and wired to a PLC-unit. A result of the Project Work course AS-116.3130.