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Automation Technology Facilities

Research and teaching facilities

Research and teaching environment include several laboratory facilities and a prototype shop, which is capable to design and manufacture mechatronic equipment.

The computing facilities are mainly based on PC computers. In embedded applications a variety of micro-controllers are used. Linux is commonly used as the operating system. QNX operating system is used for true real-time applications such as the control computer network of the WorkPartner robot.

Prototype Gallery

The laboratory has an exceptionally wide variety of robotic equipment and pilot processes. Some of them have gained much interest in the past 20 years' history of the laboratory. The most notable them have been collected below (on-going projects are shown in the research pages). Besides robotics, research has also been done in the field of energy technologies. The most original experimental prototypes in this field are those of biological fuel cells.

rolking service robot

walking machine

intelligent autonomous vehicle

mobile ball-shaped robot

member of underwater robot society

member of minirobot society

world's first rowing robot

converting biochemical energy into electrical energy