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Future Intelligent Wireless Communication Systems

FUCSY is a project funded by TEKES, the National Technology Agency of Finland. Project's objective is to start co-operation between TKK and Stanford University (CA, USA) in the field of Wireless Communication by e.g. research visits. Control engineering laboratory staff that have visited the Wireless Systems Group of professor Goldsmith in Stanford University are Zekeriya Uykan (post-doc.), Vesa Hasu (doctoral candidate) and Reino Virrankoski (doctoral candidate).

  • Keywords: wireless communications, smart antennas, localization, sensor networks
  • Duration: 2002-2003
  • Research areas: Wireless Automation
  • Related projects: ERHE, RARE


  • Heikki Koivo (person in charge)
  • Vesa Hasu
  • Reino Virrankoski
  • Zekeriya Uykan