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The Joint ERHE and RARE Workshop 26.-27.8.2003


The joint workshop of ERHE (Erittäin hajautetut anturi- ja toimilaiteverkot - Very distributed sensor and actuator networks) and RARE (Power control and radio resource management in wireless multimedia personal communication systems) projects was held August 26th and 27th, 2003, in Control Engineering Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology.


The slides presented in the workshop can be found behind the following links in pdf-format. Note that the names of presentators are mentioned, not the names of authors.

Session I, Tuesday 26.8.2003

Session II, Tuesday 26.8.2003

Session III, Wednesday 27.8.2003

Session IV, Wednesday 27.8.2003

All of the above presentations can be downloded in one zip-file in here zip (3.2 MB).


HUT/CEL = Control Engineering Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland;
ICU/RAMO = Radio Resource Management & Optimization Laboratory, Information and Communications University, Korea;
KTH/RST = Radio Communication Systems Group, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden;
UWASA = Telecommunications Group, Unversity of Vaasa, Finland;
Radionet = Radionet Oy, Finland.