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Stability and Dynamics in the Design of Interconnected Power Systems

The modern powering systems are extremely complex dynamical processes consisting of regulated high-frequency converters and passive electrical elements connected in series and parallel. It is not easy to design controllers, which will guarantee the stability and performance in all operation conditions. Today ad hoc methods are used to design and tune the controllers and systems. The application of the high-frequency power converters is continuously growing, which sets higher and higher demands on the safe performance of the powering systems both in DC and AC systems.

Systematic design procedures are established in the project, which give guidelines engineers to design systems of switched-mode power supplies ia a way that guarantees the stability and performance of the product. A practical test bench is used for final verification of the developed design methods.

Our research partners are University of Oulu, Nokia Oyj, PKC Group Oyj and Salcomp Oy. Our research is financed by TEKES.

  • Keywords: Power Electronics, Robust Control, Stability, Performance.
  • Duration: 2003-2005
  • Research area: Power Electronics & Electric Machines
  • Related projects: Robu
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  • Teuvo Suntio
  • Ari Hentunen
  • Konstantin Kostov
  • Kai Zenger


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