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Dr Jussi Suomela has been appointed Associate Professor. Professor Suomela will continue to work at the Automation Technology/Generic Intelligent Machines research group for his three-year fixed tenure post.
You are cordially invited to attend Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge’s presentation on ‘Robotics as Systems Integration - from Dance Partner Robot to Real World Applications’ in TUAS lecture hall AS1 at 1pm. Professor Kosuge from Tohoku University, Japan, is one of the leading robotics researchers in the world. His dance partner robot featured on the Time Magazine's Best Inventions list in 2005. More information pdf
Visitor from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Dr Abhinandan Jain. Talk on Space and Simulation projects in room 1593, 11am to 12.45pm. More information on the event pdf
Short course: Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. Read more. doc
Alexander Mendelson defends his doctoral dissertation on Identification and control of deposition processes in Auditorium AS1 at 12 noon.
Antti Pohjoranta's public defense of doctoral dissertation in Auditorium AS2 at 12 noon on Computational models for microvia fill process control.
Web-Oodi and Win-Oodi out of function Wed 24.2. 16 pm - Mon 1.3. 9 am.