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In spring 2010 Ceilbot project continues the work started in fall 2009. Again 3-4 working groups are expected to occupy 6-8 students in different areas of technology. Also this year students would participate and gain credits from a project work course suitable for their own studies and would make the actual research within Ceilbot project and under coordination of Ceilbot project staff. Suitable project work size is 3-6 credits, while also performing individual deeper and larger study for 10 credits or even more can be negotiated. Extension of the work as a Thesis research may be negotiated for fall Semester 2010.

Ceilbot kick-off meeting

Ceilbot project kick-off meeting for Spring 2010 was held on Thursday Feb. 4th at 12:15-14:00 in room TUAS 1593, TUAS building in Otaniemi, Otaniementie 17, Espoo.

Project meetings

NOTE: New Meeting Time: Thursdays at 13-15 in TUAS 1593, TUAS building in Otaniemi, Otaniementie 17, Espoo.

Research topics

During spring 2010 Ceilbot project continues with more detailed designing, analysis, modeling and simulation. Some prototyping may be feasible. Anticipated topics for this semester are:

1) Rail transfer system or turntable

  • Develop a mechanical device that can switch rails that Ceilbot is running along.
  • Either use a rotating system that changes rail segments between curved one and straight one. Ceilbot can pass by rail transfer without stopping.
  • Or use a rotating turntable that can turn the Ceilbot from one rail onto another. Ceilbot needs to stop on turntable for transfer.
  • Design, build and demonstrate the system including mechanics, electronics and control.

2) Ceilbot mapping algorithm development

  • Mount camera system on existing Ceilbot prototype and use it to map environments of the robot.
  • Image processing, feature recognition, mapping algorithms etc. skills are needed.
  • Refer to report of Mapping Team in Fall 2009, as well as conventional mapping methdos, e.g. SLAM.

3) Detailed design of 'Elephant's Trunk Actuator'

  • Refer to Home Robot Team's Report in Fall 2009.
  • Explore, analyze and discuss different mechanical concepts to realize this kind of trunk.
  • Define work space for the trunk: length, mobility, strength, force, stiffness, mass.
  • Develop detailed design and analyses for the trunk.
  • Aesthetic design may be included in task.
  • Study kinematics and dynamics of the trunk.
  • Propose control system and algorithms.
  • Demonstrate the design with a simulation.
  • Anticipated mechanical design may consist of an articulated body actuated via steel cables and electric motors.

4) Further analysis of wire-suspended sports hall robot

  • Refer to Sports Hall Robot Team's Report in Fall 2009.//

4a) Study kinematics and dynamics of a wire suspended system.

  • Develop control system to control robot's motion and position.
  • Pay attention for modeling of the wires.
  • Demonstrate system performance with a simulator.
  • Possibility to build a demonstration model.

4b) Study kinematics and dynamics of a wire suspended robot itself.

  • Study the loads and impacts affecting on robot.
  • Calculate and simulate behaviour of the robot under operation.
  • Invent methods to stabilize robot, e.g. active suspension, counter-acting actuators, fly-wheels, passive suspension.
  • Develop necessary control algorithms for the stabilizing system.
  • Demonstrate system performance with simulations.

5) Gaits for a ceiling and wall walking robot

  • Refer to robot design of Mapping Team in Fall 2009. Note the discrete distribution of hanging points on ceiling and wall.
  • Define robot structure and local work space (for each leg).
  • Develop gaits that allow the robot to move safely along wall and ceiling.
  • Pay attention on safety and stability of moving.
  • Demonstrate the gaits with a simulator.

Requirements for class AS-0.3200 'Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt'

Students wishing to gain credits from class AS-0.3200 shall do the following:

  1. Enroll to As-0.3200 via Oodi.
  2. Have a presentation on AS-0.3200 final presentation day,April 28th. Also a demo or video is appreciated, if available.
  3. Upload the final report to As-0.3200 wiki pages, deadline May 5th.
  4. Reporting instructions available in As-0.3200 Wiki
  5. Other reports and presentations, including work plan, according to weekly meetings with Ceilbot project group.
  6. No student numbers in reports since they are placed on Wiki-pages.

Requirements from Ceilbot project group

  1. Participate in kick-off meeting and definition of tasks and goals on Feb. 4th.
  2. Prepare a workplan to cover each week's activities til delivery of final report (May 5th).
  3. Participate on weekly meetings, present the latest results with a weekly report and short presentation.
  4. Document format for Wiki-pages is Adobe PDF. Additional videos, animations and simulations are welcome.
  5. Document shall include diary of work hours spent, identifying also the task where spent.
  6. No student numbers in documents.
  7. Output from each working group is:
  • Work plan
  • Weekly report + presentation 10-15 min (ppt + pdf)
  • Final report 20-50 pages (pdf)
  • Poster A0, informative, not commercial (pdf) (To be confirmed)
  • Final Presentation in Project course final session. (pdf + ppt)
  • Any hardware, software, simulations or animations to be produced.

Ceilbot project Spring 2010 length is 12 weeks; 4 ECTS stands for approx. 9 hours of weekly work.

Agenda for the Ceilbot kick-off meeting on Feb. 4th

  1. Define the tasks for the semester and form the working groups to fulfill those. 1-3 students per group. 3-5 tasks/groups. Prof. Halme will conduct the task definition. Check what has been described on web-pages.
  2. Check the expected output from the project, as described above.
  3. Agree on study credits to be given. 4 ECTS is assumed preliminarily. Changes in both directions can be negotiated also later during project progress.
  4. Advice the groups to create a workplan for the semester (12 weeks). Goal and main activities for each week shall be identified, including final reporting. The workplans shall be presented, commented and published on the second meeting in pdf+ppt formats.
  5. For the second meeting a state of the art study shall be initiated. Current status shall be presented on the second meeting, but the research may continue later parallel with other activities.
  6. Agree on meeting schedule on weekly basis, at least for the first period; day, time and place.
  7. Remind that students shall not put their student number in documentation, since they will be published on web.
  8. Remind about responsibilities regarding class AS-0.3200 in case students wish to have credits from that class.
  9. Any other issues.

Weekly calendar

Date Activity Mapping Team Rail Transfer System Module
Participants Juhana Leiwo, Jaakko Hirvelä Eelon Lappalainen
Thu. 4.2. Kick-Off meeting
Week 6 Thu 11.2. Work plans and State-of-the-art presentation. Workplan_Juhana.doc doc Workplan_Jaakko.pdf pdf Workplan_RAK.pdf pdf
Week 7 Thu 18.2. State of the art and status report Jaakko-Report-Week7.pdf pdf Eelon-Presentation1_Structural_Spring.pdf pdf
Week 8 Thu 25.2. Weekly Report Jaakko-Report_Week_8.pdf pdf
Week 9 Thu 4.3. Weekly Report Oral status report and Workplan from Juhana.

Jaakko-Report_Week_9.pdf pdf

Week 10 Thu 11.3. Weekly Report Jaakko-Report_Week_10.pdf pdf Juhana-Report_Week_10.pdf pdf
Week 11 Thu 18.3. Weekly Report Jaakko-Report_Week_11.pdf pdf
Week 12 Thu 25.3. Weekly Report Jaakko-Report_Week_12.pdf pdf Juhana-Report_Week_12.pdf pdf
Week 13 Easter holiday. Jaakko-Report_Week_13.pdf pdf
Week 14 Weekly report Jaakko-Report_Week_14.pdf pdf Juhana-Report_Week_14.pdf pdf
Week 15 Last meeting. Jaakko-Report_Week_15.pdf pdf Juhana-Report_Week_15.pdf pdf Eelon-Report_Week_15.pdf pdf
Week 16 No meeting Prepare final presentations, posters and finalize reports. Prepare final presentations, posters and finalize reports.
Week 17 Presentations All participants:
AS-0.3200 Class short presentations (10 min. each) Wed. 28.4. at 12:15 in AS2
Final presentations for Ceilbot team 25-30 minutes each on Thu. 29.4. at 14:15 in TUAS 1593.
Week 18 Wed. 5.5. Ceilbot final reports delivery. Final reports uploaded in AS-0.3200 Wiki. Jaakko-Final_report.pdf pdf Juhana-Final_report.pdf pdf Eelon-Final_report.pdf pdf