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Ceilbot Previous work at Aalto

Fall 2009

In Fall 2009 four teams developed different concepts and application scenarios for the Ceilbot. A consultant from House Construction Department clarified the applicable methods to mount the robot onto ceiling.

Home robot team

Hometeam_report-fix.pdf pdf CeilbotPosterHighRes.pdf pdf Ceilbot_final.pdf pdf

Sportshall robot team

CeilBot_final_sports_hall.pdf pdf Poster_Ceilbot-sporthalls.pdf pdf Ceilbot_final_report_sports_hall.pdf pdf

Fire fighter robot team

Final_Presentation_Firebot.pdf pdf final30001_0350.avi avi POSTER.pdf pdf Report_Firebot.pdf pdf

Mapping team

Ceilbot_FINAL_PRESENTATION_10-12.ppt ppt poster.odp poster1.ppt ppt Final_report_MT.pdf pdf

House construction consultation

Final_Report_Structures.pdf pdf Presentation3_Structures.pdf pdf

Spring 2010

On the second semester of activity theree students continued with visual object detection, map-building and fixture design.

Visual object detection, pdf Map-building, pdf Fixture design. pdf

Fall 2010

In Fall 2010 Students designed the rail system and a modular attachement grid for it, a demonstration model for the continuum manipulator, software for GIMnet-based control and communications ( ,, software for odometry, and 3D map-building algorithms.

Grid and Rail system

pdf Proposed track routing.
Example of a commercial rail.

Communications software

Software_Final_Report.pdf pdf Software_Final_Presentation.pdf pdf


Manipulator_Final_Report.pdf pdf Manipulator_Final_Presentation.pdf pdf

Mapping software
Mapping_Final_Report.pdf pdf Mapping_Final_Presentation.pdf pdf

Odometry_Final_Report.pdf pdf Odometry_Final_Presentation.pdf pdf

Spring 2011

During Spring 2011 building of the system started. The rail system and its mounting grid were assembled in the premises of Aalto Design Factory. Also a demonstration model of the manipulator was realized. Drive electronics for a 2 dof. camera scanner was designed and prototyped, batteries for energy system were explored and use of Microsoft Kinect for 3D mapping was explored. Further work on software was conducted.

Rail system assembled

Batteries for energy system
Batteries_Final_Report.pdf pdf

2 dof. scanner controller
Scanner_controller_Final_Report.pdf pdf

Ceilbot navigation
Ceilbot_navigation_Final_Report.pdf pdf


Manipulator demo in Youtube
Manipulator_Final_Report_2011.pdf pdf