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In this Page all the news regarding the Ceilbot project as well as main points discussed in meeting can be found.

!! Project is seeking for students in the fields of House Construction and Industrial Design to design and produce robot's operating infrastructure and aesthetic design. !!

Ceilbot Kick-off meeting for Spring 2011 on Monday Jan 24th at 14-16 in room TUAS 1593. Wellcome!

Preliminary workplan for Spring 2011 has been prepared in

Old news

Second Spring Meeting in TUAS AS Library at 18.2.2009 14:00 to 16:00

State of the art of existing ceiling railing systems and the current state of the simulator for the SLALOM system was presented in this seccond meeting. It was discussed also that the ceiling rail system will focus on the option where the turntables will be set into the right position before the robot starts its movement, this way alowing it to move fast from the start to the end point of the desired trayectory, and also simplifying the turntable design.

From next week on power point presentations will be turned in on thursdays and report will be handed in electronically on fridays.Also Eelon will be attending to the meeting every other week.

NOTE: The third meeting will be held at thursday 4th of march as week 8 is the sports holiday week.

First Spring Meeting in TUAS 1594 at 11.2.2009 14:00 to 16:00

During this week an overview of the existing mapping platform was presented by Juhana Leiwo and the reaches of the mapping team were discussed. Also a new member Waqas Ali has joined the team and will be taking over the study of kinematics and dynamics of a wire suspended robot.

Spring kick-off in TUAS 1593 at 4.2.2009 12:00 to 14:00

The spring term has started, and this period the subject to be aproached are:

  • Building the ceiling structure for the Rail transfer system by Eelon Lappalainen
  • Development of the Ceilbot mapping algorithm by Jakko and Juhana Leiwo
  • Study the kinematics and dynamics of a wire suspended robot by Waqas Ali

Meeting times for the rest of the period, unless otherwise discussed will be held at thursdays 14:00 to 16:00 at TUAS 1593.

For the next meeting the students shall present their workplan and a some information about the state of the art of their own topic.

Ceilbot kick-off meeting, NOTE NEW EARLIER TIME!

Ceilbot project kick-off meeting for Spring 2010 will be held on Thursday Feb. 4th at 12:15-14:00 in room TUAS 1593, TUAS building in Otaniemi, Otaniementie 17, Espoo.

Final Meeting in TUAS 1593 at 10.11.2009 14:00 to 16:00

In this meeting each team gave their final presentations, delivered their final reports and their posters. All of the presentations, posters and most of the final reports have been uploaded into the progress page.

This was the last meeting of the autumn term and all the four team have developed the concept of the Ceilbot in their specific environments. So far Vasek Brabec (Fire), Ville Rahikka (Home), Juhana Leiwo (Mapping) and Eelon Lappalainen (Construction) have announced they will be continue to work on Ceilbot in the coming spring term, details about organization, the goals and the work plan for spring term will be announced later.

Eight Meeting in TUAS 1593 at 26.11.2009 14:00 to 16:00

In this meeting presentatiosn were made concerning safety issues concerning each environment, and the most recent updates in their specific areas. Home team went deeper into the trunk actuator, Fire team into extinguising solutions, Sportshall team brought a more advanced simulation of the system in ADAMS and mapping team brough more specific information about the mapping and sensors.

Next and Final meeting to take place at 10.12.2009 at TUAS 1593 14:00 to 17:00

Seventh Meeting in TUAS 1593 at 19.11.2009 14:00 to 16:00

Team presented their new updates in this meeting, which included power budget calculations, more in depth actuator details, sensor details for all possible navigation settings among other details that can be found at their presentations available online.In this meeting the workload for the remainder of the period was discussed. It was agreed that for the next meeting each team would work on the safety matters of their system and also work on a subject different to each team. House Team will dedicate into getting deeper into a trunk actuator solution; Fire team will look into commercial fire extinguishing solutions; Sports Hall team will work in a four points simulation of their motion system in ADAMS and Mapping team will go into Navigation issues.

Also this week the News section of the page has been updated and its name has changed into Progress-Fall2009. All files have been uploaded and all the midterm reports have been added to this section.

Next meeting will be held at 26.11.2009 at TUAS 1593 14:00 to 17:00

NOTE: There will be no Meeting on 3.12.2009 and then the final presentation will be held on 10.12.2009 at TUAS 1593.

MidTerm Review in TUAS 1594 at 3.11.2009 15:00 to 17:00

In the Midterm Review session, every team gave a presentation compiling all the work that has been done so far in their particular environments. Feedback was given to the teams as well as intructions to proceed to task number 7 to define specially the power requirements and how will the power be supplied to the Ceilbot unit.

Also the teams were asked to prepare some questions about how Eelon could help them realize the way the robot and its motion structure can to be fixed to the ceiling in a safe way.

NOTE : There will be no meeting on 10.11.2009 after the effort of the Midterm presentations as well as to define the new time and date for the following period.

Fifth Meeting in TUAS 1594 at 27.10.2009 15:00 to 17:00

In this last meeting before the midterm review the teams presented their latest advances on their 3d models, and new tasks the robots could do, as well as some new user interfaces with the robot.Also Eelon brough a presentation about the history and important information on the ceilings, their structures and some points that need to be considered when planning to attach the infrastructure needed for the robot to operate.

At the ned of this meeting a new meeting time for the next period was discussed as three students will not be able to attend on the same schedule becuase of the new courses. New time and date will be fixed when room availability and staff availability are confirmed.

The next meeting will be at 3.11.2009 at 15:00 pm on TUAS 1593, the midterm presentations will be held and written reports shall be delivered.

Fourth Meeting in TUAS 1593 at 20.10.2009 15:00 to 17:00

In this fourth meeting every team presented their updates and Eelon commented that it is easier to just make a hole in the wall instead of tryint to make movable gates / doors for the robot to go from one room into another.

All the new presentation files are available at the Files section.

Note: for next meeting the room changes to TUAS 1594.

Also in this meeting the point was made that many students will not be able to have the meeting in tuesdays at 15:00 as they have new lectures. New date and time will be decided in the 5th meeting at 27.10.2009

Here is the link to the video shown by the sporthall team :

Third Meeting in TUAS 1593 at 13.10.2009 15:00 to 17:00

In this meeting, the Team consisting of Marco and Juhana has been designated as the Mapping Team, Eelon Lappalainen joined the team as a Civil Engineer and also Nikolai Ruola attended the meeting from TAIK and might be joining the team in the near future.

Files presented by the teams are now available at the Files section of the site, including Eelon's workplan.

Next meeting to be held in TUAS 1594 at 20.10.2009 starting at 15:00

Seccond Meeting in TUAS 1594 at 7.10.2009 16:00 to 18:00

Home team, Sports hall team and Fire team presented the state of their work and proposed several ideas to the group, these were discussed and feedbacked. New Team presented their ideas.

IMPORTANT : Weekly meetings agreed to be changed to TUESDAYS at 15:00 at TUAS 1593

For the next meeting, New Team will decide in which environment and task their work will be focused on, and try to catch up with the rest of the teams. all other teams will go forward in their work of specifically defining tasks, the conceptual structure of the robot as well as the user interface and the way the robot will interact will possible humans in their environment as described in task 3a and 3b of the Workplan. As some teams are already advanced in these tasks and some others have started working on task 4 it is encouraged to also to work on both task 3 and 4 if possible.

First Meeting in TUAS 1594 at 30.9.2009 16:00 to 18:00

Each team brough their brainstorming results and presented the work with the help of presentations and word documents (all available from the file section)

New student Marco Torti joined the project and will meet with Juhala to form a new fourth team.

For the next meeting all teams except the new one will proceeed to Task 2 of the workplan, choose a specific environment and set of tasks and prepare a ppt file to be presented on the next meeting.The new team will meet to brainstorm and choose an environment to work on.

Kick Off meeting in TUAS 1594 at 23.9.2009 12:00 to 14:00

First meeting of the project staff and students were introduced, the project work was pressented and student teams were formed. Each team conformed of two students will focus their research on a diferent environment in which a Ceilbot could work on.

Weekly meetings will be held in same room(TUAS 1594) every wednessday at 16:00

For next meeting each team would brainstorm in their assignated environment and bring possible tasks and operations that would be performed by the Ceilbot, following Task 1 of the Workplan.