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How to get the credits from Ceilbot project

Students would participate and gain credits from a project work course suitable for their own studies while performing the actual research within Ceilbot project under coordination of Ceilbot project staff. Suitable project work size is 4-6 credits, while also performing individual deeper and larger study for 10 credits or even more can be negotiated. Extension of the work as a Thesis research may be negotiated.
AS-0.3200 'Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt' is one possible source for the credits, while also other suitable project courses can be applied when agreed with the responsible teacher.

Requirements for course AS-0.3200 'Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt'

Students working for Ceilbot and wishing to gain credits from class AS-0.3200 shall do the following:

  1. Enroll to As-0.3200 via Oodi.
  2. Agree with the teacher of AS-0.3200 about doing the project with Ceilbot.
  3. Study the instructions in As-0.3200 Wiki and follow those.
  4. Upload research plan, midterm report and other reports as requested.
  5. Have a presentation on AS-0.3200 final presentation day. Also a demo or video is appreciated, if available.
  6. Upload the final report to As-0.3200 wiki pages in time.
  7. Reporting instructions available in As-0.3200 Wiki
  8. Other reports and presentations, including work plan, according to weekly meetings with Ceilbot project group.
  9. No student numbers in reports since they are placed on Wiki-pages.

Requirements for all participants from Ceilbot project group

  1. Participate in kick-off meeting and definition of tasks and goals.
  2. Prepare a workplan to cover each week's activities til delivery of final report.
  3. Participate on project meetings and weekly meetings, present the latest results with a weekly report and short presentation.
  4. Document format for Wiki-pages is Adobe PDF. Additional videos, animations and simulations are welcome.
  5. Document shall include diary of work hours spent, identifying also the task where spent.
  6. No student numbers in documents.
  7. Output from each working group is:
  • Work plan
  • Weekly report + presentation 5-10 min (ppt + pdf)
  • Final report 20-50 pages (pdf)
  • Final Presentation in Project course final session. (pdf + ppt)
  • Any hardware, software, simulations or animations to be produced.