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Project contents for Fall_2009: brainstorming

What are the potential applications of the robot?
- Transportation of goods
- Helping people, how?
- Other?

Application environments for the robot?
- Home
- Nursing institutions
- School
- Manufacturing hall
- Workshop
- Elsewhere?

What are the desired features of the robot?
- Appearance (human-friendly, technical, efficient)
- Range
- Speed
- Stiffness
- Strength
- Gripping ability
- Degrees of freedom, number, type
- Other?

Communication with the robot?
- Voice commands
- Remote Access
- The degree of autonomy
- Remote monitoring
- Data transfer method: wired, wireless, CAN, optical...\\ - Other?

Safety issues:
- How to avoid dangerous situations
- Robot sensing capabilities
- Fault handling situations
- Other?


To summarize the results:

Present 3-5 concepts, where the ceiling robot will perform different tasks in different environments
Describe the main characteristics and requirements in A4 paper
Create colorful draft about the robot in operation drawn on a A3 paper
Create 3D animations
Present the results in final report, presentation and poster

Project progress in Fall_2009

The official kick-off of the project was 23.9.2009
The project is started when a sufficient number of people for carrying out key task areas have been assigned for the project. This page presents the documents and presentations from the Ceilbot project during Fall 2009.

Work Plans

Ceilbot Workplan for Fall 2009 updated on 20.11.2009, Workplan_fall_2009-ver3.pdf pdf
House construction consultancy Workplan, Workplan_Structural.pdf pdf

Team Reports

Home robot team Sportshall robot team Fire fighter robot team Mapping team House construction consultation
Home robot team develops a concept to be utilized at home for fetching things, cleaning and vacuuming. It utilizes a sophisticated trunk-like actuator. Sports hall robot team develops a concept for large halls where the robot can participate in ball games and perform cleaning and ball-picking tasks. Fire fighter robot team develops a fire fighter robot for large public areas for rapid in-situ fire extinguishing. Mapping team presents a ceil-walking robot and concentrates on sensing and navigation activities of Ceilbot. House construction consultant tells about structures and mounting methods to be used for safe mounting of the Ceilbot.
Home robot team is:

Juuso Kinnunen, Ville Rahikka

Sports hall robot team is:

Guillaume MERCIER, Massinissa AIT-GHERBI

Fire fighter robot team is:

Vasek Brabec, Julio Cordón Muñoz

Ceil-walking robot team is:

Juhana Leiwo, Marco Torti

House construction consultant is:

Eelon Lappalainen

Kick Off on 23.9.2009 Project staff and students were introduced, the project work was presented and student teams were formed. Each team conformed of two students who will focus their research on a different environment in which a Ceilbot could work in.
First Meeting on 30.9.2009 Ceilbot_Brainstorming_I_30.9.09.ppt ppt Report_1.doc doc First_Report.ppt ppt
Second Meeting on 7.10.2009 Ceilbot_Brainstorming_II_7.10.09.ppt ppt Ceilbot_in_Sport_Hall.ppt ppt 2nd_Report.ppt ppt Ceilbot.ppt ppt
Third Meeting on 13.10.2009 Brainstorming_3.pptx CeilBot_3_sports_hall.ppt ppt 3rd_Report-Fire.ppt ppt Ceilbot_mapping.ppt ppt Ceilbot3-Juhana.ppt ppt
Fourth Meeting on 20.10.2009 Brainstorming_4.pptx CeilBot_4_sports_hall.ppt ppt model_1.avi avi 4th_Report.ppt ppt Ceilbot_Task_3.ppt ppt Ceilbot_Animation.avi avi
Fifth Meeting on 27.10.2009 Brainstorming_5.pptx 5th_Report.ppt ppt Ceilbot_visualisation.ppt ppt Presentation1_Structures.pdf pdf
Sixh meeting / MidTerm Review on 3.11.2009 Ceilbot_midterm_review_home.ppt ppt ceilbot_report-2_home-fix.pdf Δ pdf CeilBot_midterm_sports_hall.ppt ppt Report_Midterm_Sportshall.pdf pdf Midterm_Presentation_Fire.ppt ppt Report_Fire.pdf pdf Midterm_Mapping.ppt ppt Ceilbot_midterm_report.pdf pdf Mid-term_presentation_Structures.pdf pdf
Seventh meeting on 19.11.2009 Brainstorming_6.ppt ppt CeilBot_7_sports_hall.pptx ceilbot_body_impact.avi avi 7th_Firebot.pptx Ceilbot_19-11.ppt ppt
Eighth meeting on 26.11.2009 Brainstorming_7.ppt ppt

Trunk.ppt ppt Trunk.pdf pdf

CeilBot_8_sports_hall.pptx Safety_firebot.pptx


SLALOM.ppt ppt

Ceilbot_26-11.ppt ppt

Ninth meeting / Final Presentation on 10.12.2009

Hometeam_report-fix.pdf pdf CeilbotPosterHighRes.pdf pdf Ceilbot_final.pdf pdf

CeilBot_final_sports_hall.pdf pdf Poster_Ceilbot-sporthalls.pdf pdf Ceilbot_final_report_sports_hall.pdf pdf

Final_Presentation_Firebot.pdf pdf final30001_0350.avi avi POSTER.pdf pdf Report_Firebot.pdf pdf

Ceilbot_FINAL_PRESENTATION_10-12.ppt ppt poster.odp poster1.ppt ppt Final_report_MT.pdf pdf

Final_Report_Structures.pdf pdf Presentation3_Structures.pdf pdf