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Fully-automatic crop farming in Finland (AutoCrop)

In agriculture, fully-automatized crop production will become true in the future. This means that robots and other automated machines will cultivate and harvest fields instead of human driven tractors and other present machines. The requirements for future autonomous field machines and methods needed to operate them automatically are still unclear. This research project tries to clarify the requirements for technology, methods and models needed to make automatized crop production possible. The research methods are modeling, simulation and simulation based analysis. Automatic farm simulator will be developed in this project. Models existing in scientific agricultural and agrotechnological literature will be utilized and supplementary models will be developed, in supplementary models the structure is more important than the parameters. The approach is top-to-bottom. The analysis is based on simulation of imaginable scenarios, differing resource sets, like machine repertoire. Capacity, cost-efficiency, reliability, quality-efficiency among the others are the measures of simulation based analysis. This research creates a roadmap to reach the goal. Some results of this research are usable also for present crop farming, like operational planning.

Project duration



Academy of Finland


  • TKK Automation Technology (professor Arto Visala)
  • University of Helsinki - Dep. of Agrotechnology (professor Jukka Ahokas)