Main contents

Fast Prototype

Tume-Agri Combined Seed and Fertilizer Drill

  • A prototype of a precision farming system was developed during the summer 2003
  • The prototype is used to develop the basic system which is a more configurable and modular system
  • The new hybraulic valve block enables controlling different functions independently

PDA and Keypad

  • A PDA was used to implement the user interface
  • Controls for different functions: drill hitch, front drag, markers, tram line device, application rate and drill
  • Sequence controls for headlands and avoiding obstacles
  • Calibration functions
  • Location (GPS) based control for fertilizer and seed


  • A new international standard for communication between tractors and implements still under development

Mitron MCC2212 CAN Controller

  • Digital and analog I/O and connection to CAN bus
  • Software development with open source tool chain (GNU/Linux) and C programming language
  • Software structured in object oriented manner