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Advanced Modelling and Control of the ViaFill Process

The VIATON project aims on developing an advanced model based control system for the so called microvia filling process applied in manufacturing of multilayered printed circuit boards (MLBs). MLBs are the fundamental building blocks - the chassis - of practically all appliances of modern day microelectronics. The microvia filling process is a core process in the production chain of MLBs.

Development of a process control mechanism, based on a sophisticated, systemic, model that includes all electrochemical, physical and other aspects of the fill process is driven by several factors which, however, eventually lead to one constitutive motive: to improve competitiveness of the manufacturing process. A model-based process control system does exactly this by:

An illustration of the microvia function
  • Giving means for automatically adjusting the process on-line in case of sudden or trend-like changes in the process or the product
  • Producing model-based, estimated information of such parts of the process that can not directly be measured
  • Enabling assuring process output quality already in an early stage of the process by in advance estimating process performance
  • Providing a versatile and fast tool for examining the process in aspects of process and product develoment

The project is mainly funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

Industrial co-operation is essential to the project. The Finnish electronics manufacturer, Aspocomp, and the German equipment and chemistry supplier for electronics manufacturing, Atotech, are our key partners in research.

VIATON is a part of AULA.

  • Keywords: process control, electronics manufacturing, process modeling, microvia fill
  • Duration: 2007-2008
  • Research area: Process Control, Operations & Maintenance
  • Related projects: MESTA (2005-2006), PIHA
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The project abbreviation "VIATON" stems from the word "via" as well as from the content of the Finnish language word "viaton". In Finnish, "viaton" means both faultless as well as via-less, which a perfectly manufactured multilayered circuit board should be! The word also bears a nice dual meaning of "innocence" - the project has genuine aims to develop better technologies!