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Performance Improvement for Concentration Process

In this project the main objective is to develope new and innovative measurement techniques for improving the quality of the ore concentration process. Practical implementations are located in the Pyhäsalmi mine, some 500 km's north from Helsinki.


The main objectives of the project are

  • Improvement of concentration measurement quality
  • Performance improvement of flotation process
  • Economical optimization of the grinding process

Elemental assays that are essential for monitoring and controlling the operation of the flotation process are typically done by means of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. The research is aimed to investigating the possibilities of using reflectance spectroscopy as an additional source of information. Previous research has mainly concentrated on the imaging of the froth surface with an RGB camera. Based on the results obtained in the previous project, the colour measurements in this project are obtained from flotation slurry lines by using a spectrophotometer operating in the visual and near infrared (VNIR) wavelength range.

By utilizing the new and improved measurements from the flotation process, a new control and monitoring concept is developed. This improves the performance of the process since disturbances can be detected and compensated earlier than before. Another way to improve the performance is to combine process measurements by means of mass balance calculation and by dynamical data based modeling.

In the grinding process the particle size distribution of the incoming ore has a significant impact on the need of external grinding media. In this project a new 3D profile measurement is used in the estimation and optimization of the particle size distribution in the beginning of the concentration process.

Data mining in progress

The research is financed by Tekes and by the industrial partners.

Industrial Partners


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