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The Department of Automation and Systems Technology has an open position for a course assistant (for the course: AS-74.3179 Modeling and Control of Processes Dependent on Time and Spatial Coordinates ).

The requirements for carrying out the work successfully are:

  1. You have background in physics, physical chemistry, electronics, automation or similar
  2. You are at least a 3rd year student, preferably even further in your studies
  3. You have previous experience in using the ’Comsol Multiphysics’ and ’Matlab’ software
  4. You have a good level in English

Skills and qualities that are considered as an advantage:

  1. You have taken and successfully completed the course earlier
  2. You have some previous teaching experience
  3. You have a good level in Finnish

The selected applicant will be trained for the work. The work will start in January 2012.

The applications should be sent to Dr. Robert Tenno by the end of the day 30.11.2011. Note, that the position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found, and this date may be earlier than the deadline for the application.

For further information, contact Dr. Robert Tenno.

Contacts: Dr. Robert Tenno robert.tenno(at)