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Mikro- ja Nanorobotiikka

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The research in micro- and nanorobotics started in early 1990s, beginning with micromanipulation. Since then, the research team has carried out numerous research projects in cell manipulation, microassembly, inspection of microparts, microforces, microfluidics, paper fiber handling, in vivo diagnostics and nanomanipulation, where both theoretical and experimental methods are used. During the years, the research team has generated many innovative research results, such as a piezo-hydraulic micromanipulator, environment controlled microhandling, automatic 6 DOF microgripper, hybrid microhandling methods, in vivo telemetric capsules, etc.

Currently, the research in micro- and nanorobotics is active on both micro- and nanomanipulation and mobile applications. To create innovative micro- and nanorobotic systems and applications, the research focuses on both the study of the micro- and nanoscale phenomena, and adaption of system engineering technologies of robotics and automation. The current research topics include hybrid microhandling technology that combines the benefits of robotic micromanipulation and self-assembly, in vivo telemetric capsules for diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases as well as other mobile microdevices, optically actuated microfluidics for noncontact manipulation, and nanomanipulation and nanoassembly.



Käynnissä olevat projektit

  • Hydromel [en] — Hybrid ultra precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products
  • MIRRI [en] — Micro robotic diagnostics and therapy
  • OPTIMI [en] — Optically actuated microfluidics

Menneet projektit

  • AHAA [en] — Advanced Handling, Assembly and Testing Technologies for Mini/Micro Systems
  • FEMAS [en] — Developing Future Electronic Microassembly Systems
  • Microfluidics [en] — Development of Microfluidics Systems
  • PAMIR [en] — Microsystems in paper fibre handling
  • Solomanda [en] — Manipulation, detection and analysis of biological cells and organelles
  • ROBOSEM — Development of a Smart Nanorobot for Sensor-based Handling in a Scanning Electron Microscope
  • MELA — Mems in Laminates
  • AIM
  • Virtual Environment for Operating in the Microworld
  • Micromanipulator for Biomedical Applications